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    About the walks

    What should I expect from a walk?

    Each of our walks lasts around 2 hours, and takes you through a local city. Which city depends on which event you’ve registered for.

    Most walksevent has four parts:

    An easy start: You’ll receive a short introduction to the theme of the walk, and any extra materials that you may need during the walk. We’ll guide you through a simple exercise to help you leave the world behind you and be present with all your senses for our walk.

    The walk: You’ll be guided through the city, with regular stops filled with prompts, invitations and/or information, depending on the type of walk you are on. Sometimes we invite you to reflect on what you see, hear and do, either in small groups, pairs or alone.

    Re-grouping: As we come to the end of our walk, we’ll take some time to regroup and chat about what you’ve noticed, both in terms of the walk and what you’ve experiences. This is a great way to see how different people notice different things, and inspire you to “walk differently” in the future.

    Let the world in: Your guide will lead you through a final exercise to end the walk and set you free, with your newly-awakened walking self, into the world!

    What do I need to bring to a walk?

    Clothes for all weather, and weather appropriate protection (hat, sunscreen, gloves, umbrella – check your local weather forecast for tips). Shoes that you can walk in comfortably for two hours. A reusable bottle filled with water. An open mind. A willingness to try something new.

    How many people attend your events?

    Typically we have around 10-12 participants. We run events with as few as 6 people and as many as 20.

    Are your walks suitable for small children?

    To participate fully, children need to be able to read and write, and cope with being on a 2-hour city walk. We find that children under the age of 10 get bored - it's just too long for them. We do offer occasional walks for younger participants, however. Check our upcoming events for details, or get in touch to see what we have planned.

    Who are your walks FOR?

    Anyone curious about experiencing their urban spaces in new and interesting ways, who is open to meeting new people, in "real life".

    We typically suggest that participants are 16 and older. We are happy for children and teens between 10 and 15 join us, but only if they are accompanied by guardians..


    What other events do you organise?

    Our main foucs is themed, mult-sensory walks, however we love to find new and interesting ways to get people excited about their senses!

    We've organised dinners in the dark, cocktail and other tastings, trips to touch rocks, and much more. Every year brings something new, so be sure to request our newsletter to keep up to date.

    Can you tell me more about your workshops and "walkshops"?

    We don't have much to tell you just yet, because we are still planning our dates for the coming year. Stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter.


    Why should I come to a walk?

    Why not? In our walks you will:

    • Move your body
    • Explore the city or urban space and experience it in a new way
    • Meet a few new people
    • Get out of the house
    • Inhale fresh air (we can't guarantee this - it depends on the city!)
    • Experience a simple way to make everyday life a sensory adventure

    You might even find that the city inspires you, that creative ideas arise, and that you unconsciously solve the problems of everyday life whilst you are doing something completely different.

    Why do you organise in-person walking events?

    Over the years, many researchers have lamented how, in our busy worlds, we've lost the ability to engage with the urban world around us through our senses. Yi-Fu Tuan and J. Douglas Porteous are great places to start if you are interested in knowing more.

    We believe that our cities are full of interesting sensory experiences, and we're on a mission to reconnect people with urban landscapes through the full range of human senses, by tapping into the power of our bodies.

    How can I bring Ways to Walk to MY city?

    Ooh, we love exploring other cities on foot! Get in touch and let's chat to see what's possible.

    Behind the scenes

    Who started Ways to Walk?

    Suzanne Whitby. For years, she has been interested in walking methodologies; participatory, experiential workshops; and analogue experiences that bring people together. She started offering story walks in 2018. In 2019, her MA research into the scentscape of ancient Pompeii made her curious about sensory walks, so she started offering them to small groups. In 2021, her interest in sustainability lead her to offer the first Deep Time Walks in Innsbruck.

    At some point in 2023, she decided to pool her enthusiasm for exploring the world on foot, and away from screens, into one place. With that decision, Ways to Walk was (officially) born.

    Where are you based?

    We're headquartered in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria, and travel the world awakening people's senses... Okay, maybe not the world (yet), but we can dream, right?

    Why not invite us to your city to run a few multi-sensory, themed walks, and make our dreams come true?

    Seriously: from our base, we mostly run walks in English and German, in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. So far.

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